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Willmore Manufacturing’s Saguaro Series Running Boards provide a unique look which enhances the stainless steel and chrome trim that is found on most vehicles direct from the manufacturer. Like all of our products, our Saguaro Boards are made right here in the USA to the specific dimensions of each make, model and year vehicle. We offer two options: Wheel to Wheel and Cab Length, you know you will always have a perfect fit, every time.

Our Saguaro Boards are manufactured using a stainless steel 3” tubing (T304) which is then formed to the specifications of your vehicle and polished until there is a mirror finish. The step surface is laser cut and then formed from high quality 16 gauge Stainless Steel and riveted onto the 3” tube to create a strong and durable step surface. A large, durable step pad is installed for each entry point into the vehicle and bed.

Our bracketry is also designed to the specifics of each make, model and year vehicle. We laser cut, form and powder coat the brackets from ¼” steel right here at our shop and are they are included in the price of any set of our Saguaro Boards. And since all of our Saguaro Boards/ brackets are designed to be installed using your vehicles existing factory holes, installation is easy since there is no drilling required.

  • Our Saguaro Running Boards are custom made to fit each manufacturers specific cab and bed lengths
  • Our boards install easy using factory existing holes. NO DRILLING!
  • Complete the look by installing our Stainless Steel Rocker Panels or other trim accessories