And there is a big difference between us and the ''other guys', our customers are number one!

We do not answer to anyone but our customers, no stock holders or board of directors.

We are a family owned business...real people answer the phone Pride in our products, we are a second generation company.

Our products are made here in Phoenix, AZ no jobs have been shipped overseas.

No pre-sale of orders to fill up containers, we offer a wide range of applications from stock applications for cars and trucks to that special one of a kind vehicle. If we don't have an application in stock we will make it.

On time shipping, stock orders ship in 3-7 days, single orders ship in 2-3 days.

We are proud to say our products are still ''Made in America"

This is America...a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad peaceful sky
-Author George H.W. Bush - August 18, 1988

Made In the USA

Willmore Mfg. Inc. proudly manufactures and fabricates ALL of our products right here at our facility in Phoenix, AZ. We believe that it is more important than ever to support those companies that have kept their manufacturing in the USA. In today's market place the focus on buying less expensive foreign manufactured products has driven many companies to relocate manufacturing to other countries. Willmore has resisted this trend and has continued to build products and keep jobs in the USA. Help Willmore Mfg. Inc. by buying American when possible and keeping jobs here in the USA.

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Our Products

At Willmore Mfg. Inc. our products have stood the test of time. We have been proudly manufacturing, fabricating and developing new products for over 2 decades. Willmore consistently looks for ways to improve our products either in appearance or durability. We are committed to bringing consumers the very best stainless steel accessories available. Our products are subjected to numerous quality control inspections before we ship them out to the consumer, because our belief is that satisfied customers are our number one asset. Thank you for helping us continue our family's dream.

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This revolutionary new running board is designed from T304 stainless steel and features heavy duty stainless steel bracketry. Installation is a snap with Willmore's No Drill installation. The brackets fit right into existing factory holes. Available for all domestic trucks and many import trucks.

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Special appearance products such as, rocker panels, bed caps, nerf bars, nerf boards pillar posts and many more stainless steel and treadbrite aluminum items. With over 23 years in the business Willmore has thousands of patterns for most older and new model cars and trucks..

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